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We are firefighter and veteran owned and operated. We make and sell leather fire buckets, leather helmet fronts, leather notebooks, and firefighter gear made from real bunker gear fabrics. These unique products are made to last a lifetime. All products are made in the USA.

Leather Fire Buckets

Our leather fire buckets are a tribute to the tradition of the firefighter. These reproductions are a blend of tradition, vintage, and modern. Fire buckets make memorable gifts for retirements, service awards, special achievements, memorials, weddings, and anniversaries. They are also great for fundraising as auctions pieces, raffle prizes, and door prizes.The leather fire buckets on this page are our most popular styles. If you wish to design your own custom fire bucket, please email us at info@bucketbrigadeusa.com with your design ideas.

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End of 2023 announcement

As 2023 comes to a close, we are announcing the discontinuation all bunker gear products and shifting focus to our Leather Fire Bucket collection, custom Leather Helmet Fronts, and other leather items. You can expect to see new leather products, and the return of discontinued leather items on our website this spring, including leather notebooks, field notepads, and leather pliers cases. We will continue to make the webbing items, like the Fire Extinguisher Carry Strap and Glove Straps, for now. The Fire Hose Tool Pouch will be made available when we receive more fire hoses from the supplier.

For more information, click here to visit our blog page.

We are grateful for your patience during this challenging time, and we are committed to providing you with a high-quality product that will last for many years. We depend upon people like you for our livelihood and appreciate your patience and patronage.
We hope you and your loved ones have Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2024.

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  • Why do we use new bunker gear fabric?

    There is quite a bit of information about the cancer-causing chemicals that firefighters are exposed to during a fire. These chemicals can become embedded into the fabrics and are difficult, if not impossible, to remove. So why take the additional risk? Your job is risky enough.

  • We are firefighter owned and managed

    Our founder is a retired career firefighter from Central Texas. In 2009, he started The Fire Center, a NFPA 1851 verified repair facility. Shortly after that, he started making bags with the fabric used to repair bunker gear. These items first launched at the 2010 TEEX Municipal Fire School in College Station TX. In 2015 he sold The Fire Center and directed his attention on creating these firefighter products.