Shipping And Delivery

Shipping:  Shipping times vary, depending upon what item(s) you order. We typically make your product when you order them. It may take 3 weeks or 12 weeks to receive your order, depending upon the item you order. Please refer to the chart below for our current estimated shipping times. 

Orders for larger quantities will take about 2 to 4 weeks longer than indicated below.



Gift Certificates


Bunker Gear Bags including:

·       Station Duffel

·       Backpacks

·       Messenger

·       Crossbody

·       Sling

·       Toiletry

·       Zipper Clutch

3 to 4 weeks

Firefighter Gear:

·      Radio Strap and Accessories

·      Webbing Escape Kit

·      SCBA Mask Bags

·      Rope Bag

·      Gear BSI Bag

·      Fire Hose Tool Bag

·      Fire Hose Tool Pouch



 3 to 4 weeks



Leather Gifts including:

·       Leather Cartridge Box

·       Dresser Trays (Valet)


        Tailboard Buckets

·       Leather Notebooks


·       Christmas Ornament

·       Leather Key Fob

·       Leather Challenge Coin Pouch

6 to 8 weeks



3 to 6 weeks



3 to 4 weeks

Bunker Gear Gifts:

·       Grilling Apron

·       Koozies

3 to 4 weeks

Firefighting Gear:

·       Fire Extinguisher Carry Strap


4 to 6 weeks

Engine Company SCBA Identifiers 8 to 12 weeks


You will receive an email with tracking information the day it ships. If you didn't get an email confirming your purchase, we probably don't have the correct email. Please email us with your correct email, and we will send your order confirmation and tracking information.

Due to COVID-19, US Postal Service and UPS are not guaranteeing delivery times. We are not responsible for delays while in transit.