6 Features of our Bunker Gear SCBA Mask Bags that make it the BEST!

6 Features of our Bunker Gear SCBA Mask Bags that make it the BEST!

As a retired firefighter, I am particular about the style and design of all our bags, but especially the gear bags. In 2011 we decided to make SCBA mask bags. We started off making the bags with nylon denier. We made several different bag styles; some had zippers, and some with Velcro closures. We tried different shapes including tear-drop, tubular, and kidney-shape. All of them seemed to work fine. After a few months, we contacted our friends and customers for some feedback. Some of it was positive and some negative. But the biggest issue seemed to be the material. Most nylon fabric has a waterproof coating inside that deteriorates when machine washed or dried, making it difficult to clean. We were already making personal bags with new bunker gear fabric, so we decided to make the SCBA Mask bags from the same material.  

When it came time to choose the shape of the SCBA mask bag, we decide to keep it simple. A drawstring bag with a large opening seemed a good universal design. We chose to make the liner from 100% cotton flannel to help prevent scratching. This combination also makes it easy to wash. You can wash it by hand or throw it in your extractor with the rest of your gear. Then we added a grommet at the bottom to help with water drainage and ventilation. We had to add a trigger snap to the back for attaching to your gear, a hook in the truck or your gear locker. Once we made a couple of prototypes, there was one more thing to add – a strip of reflective trim across the front. Since we début our Bunker Gear SCBA Mask bag, we have only made one change – we made it bigger. It is large enough to hold the largest facemask with the voice amplifier attached.

We have made these bags for individual firefighters, fire departments, and fire equipment vendors. We have made thousands of them, and they are very durable. It seems the one problem we have is that the bags are so durable that we rarely get repeat buyers. Maybe we should have added an expiration date like the Turnout Gear manufacturers (hahaha).   


  1. Outer bag made with new bunker gear fabric
  2. Cotton flannel liner to prevent scratches and dust
  3. Machine washable and Decon-able
  4. Large drawstring opening holds large mask with voice amp
  5. Ventilation grommet on bottom
  6. Personalize it with large visible reflective text


First generation Bunker Gear SCBA Mask bag.  

 Old Nylon SCBA Mask BagOld Nylon SCBA Bag with Velcro

 Kidney Shaped Nylon SCBA Mask Bag

Flat top SCBA Mask Bag

Prototype of a bunker gear SCBA Mask Bag

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