PFAs and Bunker Gear Fabrics

PFAs and Bunker Gear Fabrics

Over the last year or so, we've seen more talk about PFAs online. Mostly, the talk is about Bunker Gear containing PFAs and whether PFAs are responsible for causing cancer in firefighters and first responders. And this raises the question of how safe is it to use bunker gear or bunker gear fabric in everyday items, like our Bunker Gear Radio Straps or Bunker Gear Bags? 

We have addressed the question of exposing people to used bunker gear, that may be contaminated with cancer causing carcinogens. on our page "Why We Use New Fabric". Now, we will address the concern of PFAs. 

  1. We have used PBI for our products for the last 5 years, which is made without PFOAS. For more information about PBI and their standards, please visit
  2. We buy fabric before it is treated with extra chemical products, such as ShellTite, DuPont™ Teflon® F-PPE finish, etc.

We take your health, and the health of our team, seriously. We are in contact with these fabrics and materials every day, just like most firefighters. So we stay up to date on the latest research regarding Bunker Gear fabrics.

If you have additional information regarding PFA's and Bunker Gear, please share it with us by emailing 

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