Who is Bucket Brigade USA?

Bucket Brigade USA sells the highest quality bunker gear bags, gift items, and leather goods. All of our products are "Made in the USA" by Fire Melon USA, LLP. 

We take our store on the road and travel to firefighter conferences and expositions throughout the USA sharing our awesome bunker gear and leather products. 

Firefighter Owned and Managed

Shane Highsmith, a career firefighter in the Austin area, started repairing bunker gear for his department in 2007 after his chief found out that he learned to sew in the US Navy while recovering from an injury received during Desert Storm. 

In 2009, with a couple of partners, he started The Fire Center, a NFPA 1851 verified repair facility. Shortly after that Shane, and his wife Sarah, started making bags with the same fabric used to repair bunker gear. We debuted are bunker gear bags and wallets at the 2010 TEEX Municipal Fire School in College Station Texas. 

In 2015 Shane decided to sell the ISP, and focus his attention on sharing his firefighter products with his fellow firefighters by traveling to more firefighter conferences and expositions.

Why buy from us?

We are proud that all of our products are designed by firefighters for firefighters. If you have an idea for a product, please email Shane@firemelonusa.com. 

All of our products are "Made in the USA" by Fire Melon USA, LLP. Fire Melon USA always tries to source its materials and hardware from other manufactures in the USA. Together, we are doing our best to help our economy grow by supporting other local businesses and providing a living wage to our staff. Patriotism starts at home.  

If you are looking for the cheapest price on items made in other countries, this may not be for you. We offer high quality, unique products that are built to last a lifetime.