Black Webbing Pouch with Carabiner
Bunker Gear Webbing Pouch in Tan
Tan Bunker Gear Pouch Tan with Webbing

Bunker Gear Webbing Pouch_CLOSEOUT

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The Bunker Gear Webbing Pouch is made from new Bunker Gear fabric, the same as your Turnouts. It has a nickel-plated trigger snap and a belt loop on the back for greater functionality.

It holds 15 feet of 1-inch Hot Yellow Climbing Spec Tubular Nylon Webbing that is flexible and smooth to the touch. 

  • STRENGTH - Breaking point of 4,900 lb
  • HEAT - Melting Point is 500 degrees Fahrenheit

*We recommend that you use no more than 25% of the tensile strength of any webbing.

You can also use the bag for other items, like medic gloves, CPR shields, First Aid supplies, etc.

Available in Black or Tan.