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Webbing Escape Kit

Webbing Escape Kit

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Webbing Escape Kit with bunker gear bag & carabiner

  • 20 feet of 1-inch Hot Yellow Climbing Tubular Webbing
  • 25kN Heavy Duty Screw-gate Locking Carabiner
  • Bunker Gear Pouch with reflective trim

The Bunker Gear Webbing Pouch is made from new Bunker Gear fabric, the same as your Turnouts, with a nickel-plated trigger snap and a belt loop on the back for greater functionality. The pouch is small enough to fit inside your cargo pocket. It is also good for other items, like medic gloves, N95 masks, CPR shields, First Aid supplies, etc.

The Hot Yellow Climbing Tubular Webbing is strong, flexible, and pliable. It is versatile, lightweight, easy to tie and untie, and can be used to create a harness for rescues and many other uses.

Climbing Spec Tubular Nylon Webbing:

  • STRENGTH - Breaking point of 4,900 lb
  • HEAT - Melting Point is 500 degrees Fahrenheit

*We recommend that you use no more than 25% of the tensile strength of any webbing.

The Climbing Carabiner features a classic design with a key-lock, screw locking gate, a 3/4-inch opening, and is CE & ISO 9000 certified. (color and brand may vary from photo).

  • STRENGTH - Major Axis 23 ken (5170 lbs), Minor Axis 8 ken (1800 lbs), Gate Open 7 ken (1575 lbs). 
  • TESTING - Proof Load Tested To 50% of Rated Strength

The pouch is available in Black or Tan, With or Without Webbing, With or Without Carabiner.

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