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Rescue Webbing & Carabiner

Rescue Webbing & Carabiner

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Length of Webbing

Includes 1-Inch Climbing Spec Tubular Nylon Webbing and UIAA Certified 25KN Auto Locking Climbing Carabiner.


  • 5/64-inch or 1.82mm thick | Melting point of 500° F

  • Breaking point of 4,900 lbs. Recommended weigh 1200 lbs. 

  • Versatile and lightweight, but durable. Pliable and smooth to he touch.  

  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • One-hand open, two-way locking, automatic re-locking.

  • UIAA certified; major axis strength 25kN (5,621lbs); cross-loaded at 7kN; hot forged construction.

  • Rated for tree climbing, hiking, rappelling, rescue. 

  • Designed with a deep basket, and keylock nose guards.

  • Net weight 2.01oz. Dimensions: 3.93" height, 2.3" at widest point, 1.77" at narrowest point. 0.66" gate opening.


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