Leather Notebook - Special Order
Brown Leather Notebook with Vintage Tools
Brown Leather Notebook for Fire Chief (5 Bugles)
Brown Leather Notebook with Star of Life
Brown Leather Notebook with Fire Star

Leather Notebook - Special Order

Regular price $35.00

Our Leather Notebook is perfect for taking notes during your shift, at Fire Academy Training, or CE Class. It's designed to hold a standard-size Composition book so that you can get a refill anywhere - no need to re-order one from us.

Made here in the USA from genuine leather. We stamp and hand paint each one.

As a Special Order, the notebook will be either black, brown, or dark red - our choice. Please pick your logo.

  • Maltese Cross
  • Vintage Tools
  • Fire Chief (5 Bugles)
  • Star of Life
  • Fire-Star (1/2 Maltese Cross, 1/2 Star of Life)