Tan Bunker Gear Rope Bag Front View
Tan Bunker Gear Rope Bag Carabiner
Tan Bunker Gear Rope Bag Back View
Tan Bunker Gear Rope Bag Bottom View

Bunker Gear Rope Bag with Carabiner

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The Bunker Gear Rope Bag is made from new Bunker Gear fabric. It has a nickel-plated trigger snap and a belt loop on the back for greater functionality.

Includes 10 meters (32 feet) of 10 mm Professional Static Safety Rope with a moderate softness making it easy to knot. 

  • Max tensile force: 20 KN(4400Lbs)
  • Resistant to moisture UV rays, and pilling.

*The temperature of storage must not exceed 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not store in vehicle during hot weather. 

Includes an American Made Climbing Carabiner that is CE & ISO 9000 certified. It features a classic design with a key-lock,  screw locking gate, with a 3/4-inch opening.    

  • STRENGTH - Major Axis 23 ken (5170 lbs), Minor Axis 8 ken (1800 lbs), Gate Open 7 ken (1575 lbs)
  • TESTING - Proof Load Tested To 50% of Rated Strength

The overall dimensions are about 5 inches in diameter and about 7 inches tall.

Available in Black or Tan.