PPE Mask Cover in Tan with name
PPE Mask Cover in Tan N95 Inside
PPE Mask Cover with Red Cotton Liner
PPE Mask Cover in Black - Side View
PPE Mask Cover in Tan - Brian
PPE Mask Cover in Navy - Front View
PPE Mask Cover in Tan - Side View

PPE Face Mask Cover

Regular price $24.95

The PPE Face Mask Cover is designed to cover your N95 or other respirator to prolong its usable lifetime. In a time where there are shortages and many first responders are sanitizing and reusing PPE, this cover helps keep a N95 clean from debris.

Made from new bunker gear fabric allows you to wash or decon it at home or at the station. Lined with 100% cotton allows you to wear it alone comfortably. 

  • Available in Tan PBI Max, Black PBI Max, or Navy Blue FR Twill
  • Add you name for $ in Lime Yellow, Bright Orange, Silver Reflective lettering.

For cleaning instructions, please visit: https://bucketbrigadeusa.com/pages/ppe-face-mask-cover-cleaning-instructions