Dark Red Dresser Tray with Maltese Cross
Black Dresser Tray with Compass Maltese Cross
Black Dresser Tray with pocket items
Black Dresser Tray Unsnapped

Leather Dresser Tray

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Our hand-made leather dresser tray/ valet is perfect for holding your change, keys, pocket knife, or whatever you find in your pocket at the end of the day. Place it on your dresser, nightstand, or desk to keep track of your small valuable items.

Each tray is cut from genuine leather, the edge is stitched, and the center embossed with our unique emblems. Each corner is connected with a snap, so it can be flattened for travel or storage. They are about 7" x 7" and about 1-1/4" deep.

Emblems available in five variations: Maltese Cross, Firefighter Scramble, Compass Maltese Cross, Star of Life, Fire Star, and all Officer Trumpets.

Leather colors available are: Black, Dark Red, Smoky Brown, and Dark Blue.