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Engine Company SCBA Identifiers

Regular price $29.95

Simple but brilliant! High visibility answer to fire ground accountability. SCBA Engine Company Identifiers are a seamless addition to any accountability system. Quickly identify your firefighters on scene.

RIC/ RIT Plate Style Engine Company Identifiers include an interchangeable ID plate for changing duties or assignments quickly. Additional reflective letters or numbers under the removable plate for RIT, RIC, FAST, or other emergency assignments.

  • Mounts quickly to air packs
  • Identifies engine companies instantly on sight
  • Made from Kevlar/ Nomex and 3M Reflective trim
  • Does not interfere with air bottle replacement
  • Adds reflective material to your PPE

Choose Black or Tan Bunker Gear Fabric, Lime Yellow, Orange, or Silver Reflective Trim. Snaps available instead of Velcro by request. 

Fire Departments qualify for volume discounts on large orders.